Generate more interest with an attractive event page. All you need are a fitting template and a solid background image. Luckily, the template is not going to be a problem. Sparq offers various templates to choose from, all with modern fonts and formats. Just choose the one that suits your style and the theme of the event.

Then take some time to choose your background image, a great way to personalize your invitation and make your event stand out. And for that we are here to help! We’ve put together some simple tips and tricks plus sites with excellent images (for free!!) that will help you to select the right background.

Background Image Tips and Tricks

On a very basic level, you just want an image that is attractive, fits to your event and doesn’t take attention away from the details of the event. Here’s how:

Choose a Simple, Slightly Blurred Image

Make sure the background image you choose is not too loud and busy. Remember, the details of the event will be displayed over the image. Readability is important, so go for a simple image that is slightly blurred, that way your guests can read the time, date and description of your event.

The most important details should stand out, so that if it is a pirate themed party, your guests actually come dressed as pirates and no one has to walk the plank alone.

Tip: You don’t need photoshop to blur an image. There are plenty of free image editing tools out there that are easy to use. One example is <a href=””>Canva</a>.

Avoid People & Faces

Try to avoid having anyone’s face too front and center. Faces are distracting and can take away from the message of your invitation. The background image should reflect the style and nature of your event but it should not take away from the main message.

Textured Surfaces Work Great

Background images that portray textured surfaces are a sure way to go. Images of things like wood, fabric and water are powerful because they can evoke strong emotional responses. However, they are also relatively simple and allow the event details to take the front seat.

Amazing Images for Free

It almost seems to good to be true but it isn’t. Below are just a couple of the many websites out there with galleries of beautiful and high quality images that are free and available for private use.  Just to a be safe, don’t forget to double check the licensing agreement.