Let’s face it. The gin tasting party is a great idea, and you know it. But with all the premium gin you’d need to buy plus food, your initial calculations put costs at around 300$. Considering the astronomical cost of your rent and the instability of your current gig, you know you can’t put up that kind of money in good conscience.

But it’s a good idea and it would be an incredible night with your friends.

We’ve talked about it a thousand times,
just no one has taken action.

Wait, what if your friends chipped in? You know they’d be happy to do it. You’ve all talked about a gin tasting party a thousand times, just no one has taken the initiative to set things in motion. Here’s where you might start asking yourself things like: Are they going to think I’m cheap? Is it going to be awkward? How would I even ask? If you are … STOP!

Not only has Youpooly’s Bucket Funding made pooling money a lot easier, here are three indisputable reasons why it will improve your social life.

  1. stocksnap_dbsnx2sajxNo Awkwardness

    Your friends will be able to enjoy the party more and here’s why. Allowing everyone to contribute makes them feel more invested in the event. So not only will they definitely show up, they will also be more committed to having a good time. Plus they won’t feel like they owe you anything or worried that you’ve overextended yourself. In other words, it will remove any potential for tension. Everyone can just have a good time.

  2. More Parties

    You will have the funding to do more of what you do best – bring people together for a good time. Your friends need and appreciate you for what you do, giving them an event to look forward to after a long, stressful work week. The more the better!

  3. No Limits

    If you take away cost constraints, you instantly free up a ton of possibilites. Suddenly organizing group excursions to the beach or a ski trip doesn’t seem so daunting. Whatever you want to do can be started with a simple invite. No need to limit yourself anymore.

So here’s your chance. The first step is starting an event in the Youpooly app. The rest will fall into place.

Read more about how Youpooly Bucket Funding works.
And then: start an event and make it happen!