Pooling money isn’t exactly new. Think of buying a birthday present for a friend. Usually it goes like this: someone in the group has a great idea for the perfect gift, but it costs too much for any one person. So everyone throws in what they can. In the end you have a nice sum of money for a decent gift and no one breaks the bank. It’s a win-win.

Here’s how Bucket Funding allows you to pool money for events in just 3 simple steps.

1. Connect with Stripe

In order to collect money for an event you need to first create a Stripe account.  It’s easy, just connect from the app.

2. Bucket Funding With Ease And Style

hip friendsAfter starting an event, you will have the option to make your event free or to pool funds with others. Once you decide to pool money, you will be asked to add a minimum and a maximum contribution amount. That way your friends and other attendees can decide exactly how much they are willing to throw in.

And don’t forget to let them know what their money is going towards e.g. more drinks, bigger fireworks, fancy food etc. And more likely than not, they’ll be happy to give a bit more just to make sure your event is a hit.

 3. Plan Your Budget

All fees are deducted before you receive any funds. So the money that lands in your PayPal account is your budget for the party. Now you know exactly how much you have to spend and are able to plan your budget.

Need help calculating how many bottles of beer, wine and spirits you’ll need?
Check out our: ⇒ Beverage Calculator

Party Tip: Spice up the party by connecting people from your block and your neighborhood to the event. Just browse Youpooly community profiles and select the people you think would be interested. Not only will it make for a more interesting dynamic, the additional funding will help you to throw a bigger, better and wilder party.

That’s it. Bucket Funding is easy and most importantly it means more parties and unique social happenings for you. And that always makes us smile 🙂