The 2nd Annual Benefit Gala at the German School of Brooklyn (GSB) was a huge success. The weather great, the food delicious and the spirits high, but most importantly the event generated essential funding for GSB’s continued success.

Contributions from Gala attendees are a crucial part of additional revenue that supports the continued growth and expansion of the school’s educational offerings. This is why GSB works so hard to make sure that this event attracts as many attendees as possible. By partnering with Youpooly, 100% of contributions went directly to the school and none went towards ticketing or credit card fees.

Here’s how they did especially well this year: More of the contributions are going directly to the school!

Most event planning / ticket selling tools charge exorbitant fees for their services. In the past that has amounted to thousands of dollars in lost revenue for GSB. That meant thousands of dollars not going towards school needs such as new programs, summer workshops and classroom supplies.

GSB knew they had to find a better solution that would help them both organize the Gala and collect contributions more effectively. Working with Youpooly to send out personalized invitations and collect contributions allowed them to do just that without paying any unnecessary fees.

“I can’t express how satisfying it is to see every dollar contributed by our amazing parents, grandparents, friends go directly back to the kids. Youpooly was great in so many ways, including the personal support for our event. The fact that we paid zero fees on contributions is the thing that will benefit our kids the most.”

Kathrin Nagle – School Founder

Money was transferred immediately

In past years, GSB had to wait until after the event was over before receiving the funds from donations. Cash flow constraints made event production difficult. This year, all payments were received immediately, enabling them to cover costs of the event such as, food, space rental and service staff.

Unlike other services, Youpooly transfers funds to event hosts as soon as guests donate. This alleviates the stress of having to pay money out-of-pocket and allows hosts to focus on what’s more important, the event itself.

People Love the School and Are Happy to Give

Most importantly, this Gala would not have been a success if people didn’t love the school and want to see it thrive. The German School of Brooklyn is a godsend for many German nationals living and working in New York City. These are people who want to raise their children bilingual with an education that incorporates both German and American cultures and educational standards. Also, GSB has provided a platform for a tight-knit community which is able to grow with the school.

Congratulations to the German School of Brooklyn for their great achievements. We can’t wait to see what the future holds and look forward to working together on coming events.