Toying with the idea of hosting New Year’s Eve? This is definitely a subject that deserves careful thought. After all, most people have fairly unreasonable expectations for this celebration. But don’t let that stop you, in order to see it through and remain sane in the process, you are just going to have to ignore others’ expectations and focus on your own.

The key here is to go with your gut and make decisions based on what you think would make for a good time. And don’t forget to do your planning based on the amount of time you have to prepare and the size of your budget.

Hell, it’s about starting the new year right… am I right?

10 Tips For an Amazing NYE Party

  1. Design a personal invitation
    Start an event with Youpooly and choose from a variety of templates that make it easy to design a professional yet personalised invitation that will set the stage for your amazing party. Addressing your guests directly will make them feel special and get them excited about your event.sparkling wine new years
  2. Pool money for cocktails and beverages
    If you don’t want to end up with a mishmash of drinks or to run out of the good stuff before midnight, then pool money with your friends and other guests. That way you can organise the drinks, perhaps get a discount on a bulk order and make sure that the good stuff stays in stock ;)Use Youpooly’s bucket funding to make pooling money easier. Everything is done over the app so that you don’t have to chase people down and awkwardly ask for party funds.
  3. new years fireworksSecure an Amazing View
    Why bother with real fireworks. They are expensive, incredibly dangerous and also just more enjoyable when
    someone else is lighting the fuse. So make sure your location either has a great view of your local fireworks or is at least within walking distance of one.That doesn’t mean you necessarily have to rent a space. You could also plan with a friend that happens to have a great view from her building’s rooftop.
  4. Potluck It
    If people come over a bit later, like 9 or 10 pm, they will have already eaten. So you don’t have to make a big meal. All you need are some nice snacks and appetizers, and you don’t even have to do that yourself. Have your friends bring some small dishes and make sure you have something for all types of dietary requirements. If you need some ideas, check out:6 simple finger foods for a mixed crowd
  5. Bring out the Bubbly!
    Don’t forget the bubbly for the New Year’s toast and make sure you have enough. There are about 6 glasses of champagne in one bottle, so plan according to your guest list. If you need help planning the bubbly and the rest of the beverages, check out:Youpooly’s Beverage Calculator
  6. Confetti Poppers
    Who doesn’t like confetti? Position some small confetti
    around your apartment or rental space for the hours leading up to 12 am and then bring out the big guys before the clock strikes miGirl with glitterdnight.Sure confetti is a pain in the a** to clean up, but hey it’s worth it and you’ll be reminded of your unforgettable event for the whole coming year.
  7. Play Good Music!
    Playlist or DJ? The age-old question. If you have a friend that’s a DJ, plays music you like and is willing, then why not. Otherwise a DJ can be expensive and good ones are hard to find.On the other hand you can always create a playlist with tunes you and your guests like. Plus, the playlist option is cheaper and guarantees that the music will keep playing until the party stops.
  8. Trivia Game for 2016
    If you have time, prepare a quiz and fill it with light and funny trivia from the year 2016. This could be current events and pop culture including music, artists, movies, award ceremonies, sports and scandals.If you don’t have the time, there are always prepared quizzes that you can find and adapt online.
  9. Avoid Traveling
    Planing a party with multiple locations is difficult and a lot of planning. If you live in a city, public transportation and taxis are difficult to coordinate, especially with large groups.So if you would really like to change location at some point (e.g. go to a bar or find a better vantage point for fireworks) make sure it is in walking distance – meaning even your friend with the tiny dress will be in zero danger of hypothermia.
  10. Clean-up Brunch
    Invite your friends over to have brunch and help you clean up the next morning. Be sure to emphasise the brunch part and then plan it especially late so that everyone can sleep in.If you have any left-overs, those could work great. Otherwise, just order in. Then comes the cleaning part, which will obviously go much faster when you have more people involved.


That’s it. Above all, have a good time. It’s as much about you as it is about everyone else.